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Ashish Thakur

For 20 Years, Banker Performs Tens of Thousands of Funerals With His Savings

Ashish Thakur, a banker from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, has dedicated half of his life to burying and cremating the abandoned dead with dignity and respect through his NGO Moksha. He talks about how he maintains hope in such a grueling line of work and the lessons he has learnt.

Ashish notes that 20 years ago, hospitals were different from what they are today. “The situation has changed slightly, but back then, you’d often find people holding onto the bodies of their loved ones, wrapped in a white cloth, waiting to be buried. They had no money to even arrange transport to go to the burial grounds. Parents would be wandering with their dead children in their arms, unable to seek help,” he notes.


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